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Property Survey
The initial phase of the Highway 17 Planning Study involves collecting and identifying existing conditions and sensitivities through review of background materials, field investigations and inventory. The Project Team is interested in collecting observations from the property owners themselves on the existing conditions for the study area.

Property owners are requested to complete the online property information survey below. If you prefer to mail or fax your responses, click here to download a pdf version. Information provided will be used to help the Project Team gain a better understanding of the existing conditions and land use within the study area.

Permission to Enter Private Property
WSP and sub-consultants will be undertaking engineering and environmental investigations in the study area, in accordance with the requirements of the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000). The purpose of these investigations is to determine existing conditions to assist in developing and evaluating alternatives, and to identify potential impacts and mitigation measures for the preferred plan for Highway 17 within the study limits. Results of the fieldwork will be available at subsequent PICs and documented in a Transportation Environmental Study Report that will be made available for public review at the end of the study.

During this field work it may be necessary for field staff to enter your property to investigate existing conditions. Activities may include engineering surveys, fisheries and terrestrial ecosystem investigations, hydrologic assessments, archaeological and heritage assessments, and review of land uses. The Ministry’s staff and / or project consultant and sub-consultants will not enter private property without prior permission from the property owner. We kindly request your permission for field staff to conduct the investigations on your property. Property owners are encouraged to complete a Permission to Enter (PTE) form. These PTE forms will be available at the PICs and upon request.

Ministry of Transportation Property Acquisition Process
Generally, the Ministry will not initiate the property acquisition process until the project is approved for construction.

Information about the Ministry’s property acquisition process is available in the Ministry’s Highway Property Purchasing brochure.

There is the opportunity at any time during the study for interested persons to contact us regarding outstanding issues. Information will be collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record.

Property Owner 1:
Property Owner 2:
Phone Number:
Property Address:
Postal Code:
Assessment Roll #:
Current Land Use:
Please describe what you are using your property for, e.g., residential, business, agricultural, recreational, etc
Natural Features:
Please identify any known natural features on your property, including location, e.g., watercourses, wetlands, forested areas, trails, wildlife wintering areas or habitat
Please indicate any observations of wildlife on your property including type and season, if possible.
Additional Information:
Please provide any additional property information you feel would be useful for this study, e.g., historical land use, etc.
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